Cheer Dads

Our cheer dad is not at Cheersport Nationals this weekend. This is no reflection on how awesome a cheer dad he is to my girls.

Our cheer dad…

We would not be here this weekend without his hard work to help pay for it. We would not be enjoying our time without all The Time he spent booking everything from flights to our hotel. We would not be here except for his love and dedication to his girls.

He knows the scoring system. He is the best videographer. He packs cars and suitcases like a boss. He won’t touch the hair or makeup, but I don’t either. Our oldest cheerleader mastered it on her own. He talks us down, even miles away, from slamming hotel doors, a result of our early morning nervous drama. He is the truth and the hugs after a rough performance.

Cheer dads are every bit as important as cheer moms. And oh, how we miss ours this weekend.

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