Parenting Hack #1: Suitcase Britches & Booties

It is the night before we leave for an 8-day trip. We have not traveled since a month before the world’s troubles began. We are vaccinated. We are masked. And, we need to get our daughter somewhere to bring home a cheer title. We are a family of five, and we believe in packing like we are moving to where we are traveling. So how do we pack?

It’s not easy. Everyone gets one suitcase and one backpack. I add one instrument to my allotment. I make the rules. My people choose the size of their suitcase and backpack. They can’t ask me to carry their bounty though. My people better be able to get that bag to luggage check even if we have to walk 2.357 miles in a blizzard from our parking spot at Detroit Metro. I will leave them behind and wave to them from the plane window upon takeoff.

My dear ones also know better than requesting laundry service the night before we leave. While I sound hard core, there is a generosity in my spirit that has led to the best packing hack ever: suitcase britches & booties.

I buy my people underwear and socks for their suitcases upon request. These suitcase britches & booties don’t get worn unless we are traveling. They get washed upon return and set aside until next trip when they are the first thing to get packed one week before we leave. If the stock in the suitcase gets used before we leave, the rule is the remaining britches & booties must be turned inside out as many days as needed to get through the holiday. If spares are requested in the initial stock, they will more than likely be granted. Go big or go bare.

See you on the flip side!

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