Parenting Hack #1: Suitcase Britches & Booties

It is the night before we leave for an 8-day trip. We have not traveled since a month before the world’s troubles began. We are vaccinated. We are masked. And, we need to get our daughter somewhere to bring home a cheer title. We are a family of five, and we believe in packing like… Continue reading Parenting Hack #1: Suitcase Britches & Booties

The Cheer Hair Rap

A little rap (radio edit version) I wrote for my daughter as she got competition ready: Who’s that babe with the jacked up hair? She’s a cheerleader. It took a can of hairspray to get it there. She’s a cheerleader. She walks by the judges and they say ‘sup? She’s a cheerleader. Even a hurricane… Continue reading The Cheer Hair Rap

‘Twas the Night Before Super Nationals

It ’twas the night before Super Nationals when all through the house, The uniforms were getting packed for a chance to compete before Mickey Mouse. The cheer shoes were now sneaker balled with care, in hopes that the car wouldn’t stink before we arrived there. The cheerleaders were flipping around on their beds, while visions… Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before Super Nationals