Parenting Hack #1: Suitcase Britches & Booties

It is the night before we leave for an 8-day trip. We have not traveled since a month before the world’s troubles began. We are vaccinated. We are masked. And, we need to get our daughter somewhere to bring home a cheer title. We are a family of five, and we believe in packing like… Continue reading Parenting Hack #1: Suitcase Britches & Booties

Go Big or Go Home

I was driving my son home from his Beauty and the Beast rehearsal when his friend called him for advice. I could tell by the look in Zavier’s eyes that he felt ill-qualified to give the requested advice, so his friend was now on speaker phone, interrupting my classical music jam on NPR. Yes, I’m… Continue reading Go Big or Go Home

The Case of the Faint Mustache

Today is a big day for two reasons: I started my parenting blog adventure. My son started down the path to becoming a man. Let’s start with my son. I woke him up as promised to go to our favorite diner for breakfast. I owed him a meal at Good Truckin since October, a belated… Continue reading The Case of the Faint Mustache